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The Clans of Kerensky have returned, overwhelming the border forces of Houses Steiner and Kurita, and taking a deep stab into the heart of the Free Rasalhague Republic.

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The Clans

Rumors of sightings of unknown 'mech designs are spreading throughout the fringes of the Inner Sphere. Simulation models predict a steady influx of these strange invaders through the end of the year.

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Recent News

88th steps back

When MWO became a reality and I jumped into Closed Beta as a Founder, I was so excited and thankful that someone had picked up the IP.  I mean seriously, the studio behind the 3015 trailer was taking the project regardless of Weisman's timidity.  After learning that the spark behind that trailer had fizzled, I was crushed.  A decade of waiting.  But finally Piranha steps up, slaps on the Good Guy hat, and promises the world to the drooling masses.

Community Warfare "Beta"

So Community Warfare (CW) has been around for a while now since its launch in pre-holiday 2014.  It came branded with the beta tag and was ushered in with packages of mechs costing hundreds of dollars.  I haven't played much of it, honestly, even though I was very much looking forward to it.  The mode has been plagued with incredibly long wait times and teams gaming the relaxed matchmaker rules, making it a difficult experience to digest for some.  The forums are of course a spectrum of compaints and arguments over it...maybe that's what they meant by "Community Warfare".

Mechwarrior Online Lobby is open

MWO LobbyThe MWO Lobby Ladder League is now open.  Tenbatsu has done a bang-up job of putting this clean, sentiment-inspiring Zone clone together.  One of his supporters and fellow vet, FS 12Bravo, came to me a while back and asked that I join in the effort.  I was very excited to participate in development, but I really didn't have the time to commit.  I wish I had though, because I think Ten's vision and professional end result is quite beautiful.  I'll include his introductory email below.  Head on over and check it out when you can!

Pilot Blog

Running with old guns

MetalMantis, a former 88th core officer and long-time friend, is currently conducting a special exchange exercise with the 10th Solaris Rangers, "The Skye Tigers" (  The 88th can often be seen on their TS3 communications hub at giving an assist.

Archived goodness

Ran across this from back in the day, by Deadmeat.  #nostalgia

MWO repair tool saves me again!

If you find the game acting wonky, give this Repair Tool a try.  I've used it to fix corrupted game files a couple of times now and it seems to work well.  It will find the file, download a new one, then patch your client for you.  Much better than a reinstall, eh?

Razer cockpit item

Through Nov. 15th you can visit to get a code for Razer-branded hanging dice for your cockpit.  You don't have to have the hardware.  Just download the software, register an account, and the code is provided to redeem over at  Enjoy free stuff!

Host issues...resolved?

The 88th website has been down for months after something of a fiasco with our new host.  Apparently just a week or so after our transfer from another service, the host was attacked and much was lost, including anything related to our server.  After weeks of dealing with unresponsive support as well as other life issues establishing precedence, the site fell to the back burner.  I finally got the motivation (and the time) to get things rolling again, so here we are.  For the few that might read this, enjoy.

I'll try to get Teamspeak 3 running again soon, so stay tuned.