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The Boar's Head

What is it? No idea. But the hero Atlas AS7-TBH is here.

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Orion "Protector"

Orion ON1-K, ON1-M, ON1-V, ON1-VA, including the ON1-P "Protector" hero 'mech, are now available in the mechlab.

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Project Phoenix

An initiative utilizing four ancient designs, including the Locust, the Shadow Hawk, the Thunderbolt, and the Battlemaster, is incoming soon. An additional 'Sabre' reinforcement pack will also be available, which includes the Wolverine and Griffin designs.

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Terra Therma

“The only evidence of the constant battling over this hell-hole’s resources is in the paper work” one commander said, “as every fallen ‘Mech and the sorry sob who piloted it, aka collateral loss, is quickly swallowed up by this fiery beast."

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Recent News

Project Phoenix is here

The long-awaited Project Phoenix package launches with today's patch.  See for more information.

MWO launches Tuesday, Sept. 17th

Official launch date was announced earlier this summer and is approaching soon.  However, as we've been in a content-funded "Open Beta" for many months and no real changes are expected, this is simply a matter of semantics at this point.  The only real benefit I can see is possibly an additional layer of accountability of progress and responsibility for the player/customer base.

Conquest Mode begins today, Tuesday, Dec. 18th

After many months of "testing" Assault Mode, a new mode based on territorial control has been released.  This Conquest Mode, in which players vie over control of five "Germanium resource collectors", means a new dynamic for those who are looking for something to shake up the status quo.  We can imagine there will be plenty of ECM-enabled light 'mechs out there sprinting for captures, and with limited means of defense (eight players per side) strategy will be key.

Pilot Blog

Archived goodness

Ran across this from back in the day, by Deadmeat.  #nostalgia

MWO repair tool saves me again!

If you find the game acting wonky, give this Repair Tool a try.  I've used it to fix corrupted game files a couple of times now and it seems to work well.  It will find the file, download a new one, then patch your client for you.  Much better than a reinstall, eh?

Razer cockpit item

Through Nov. 15th you can visit to get a code for Razer-branded hanging dice for your cockpit.  You don't have to have the hardware.  Just download the software, register an account, and the code is provided to redeem over at  Enjoy free stuff!

Host issues...resolved?

The 88th website has been down for months after something of a fiasco with our new host.  Apparently just a week or so after our transfer from another service, the host was attacked and much was lost, including anything related to our server.  After weeks of dealing with unresponsive support as well as other life issues establishing precedence, the site fell to the back burner.  I finally got the motivation (and the time) to get things rolling again, so here we are.  For the few that might read this, enjoy.

I'll try to get Teamspeak 3 running again soon, so stay tuned.

MIA 88th pilot NiZmO back in the saddle

The 88th's own NiZmO, missing for a decade or so, has found his way back to the welcoming arms of the Militia.  After such a long break from the controls of a 'mech, he has jumped into the cockpit itching to flex some real MWO myomer.  For now, he'll be rounding out 13th Recon as 4th gun under the callsign "Redwing77".  We hope to get more field excercises under his belt with the team very soon, but from what I've seen we'll be tearing it up 88th style in no time at all.

Niz, it's great to have you back!  Awesome to see you grinding metal for the 88th once again.